Unite against Poaching

Unitrans Volkswagen is the innovative establishers of the Unite against Poaching fund to make a difference to the fight against poaching at the coal face. The objective is to make a significant difference to the rangers coming face to face with skilled and motivated poachers. Unitrans Volkswagen aims to ensure that the field rangers are equipped and sufficiently skilled to give them the best opportunity to protect our national heritage. The South African National Parks, as the custodians of the majority of the rhinos in our country are the primary recipients of the funding, since the bulk of the poaching is happening within their reserves. At present the focus is on rhino poaching, but this could change as the need arises.
When the idea of making a difference in the war against Rhino poaching was conceived, they may not have been aware of how significant this decision would be.
The Unite against Poaching trust was established and the aim is to raise funds, increase awareness and make a difference in the war against poaching. The initiative would allow the man in the street to contribute towards effective counter poaching when making his next purchase of a vehicle. Each time a vehicle is sold within the Unitrans Volkswagen group funds are pledged towards securing our rhinos for future generations. To date an inspirational R 6 million has been generated!!!

Equipping the field Rangers

These funds have been deployed rapidly and with incredible effectiveness in the field. One of the major requirements was to ensure that the field rangers, who come face to face in the bush with super equipped and desperate rhino poachers, can hold their own in this dangerous and treacherous battle to secure our rhinos for generations to come. To be successful, the field rangers need basic survival equipment and refined and well-honed skills. The Unite against Poaching trust fund has been pivotal in providing precisely these to the field rangers within the various SANParks. This has been achieved with the co-operation and support of the SANParks Honorary Rangers. All volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure the most effective usage of the trust funds. Over R 3 million has been spent on equipment and clandestine training in the Kruger National Park to empower the field rangers.
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Anti Poaching Guard

Anti Poaching Guard

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Unite Against Poaching Gallery

Below you will find a collection of images that show the efforts of Strijdom Park VW, staff and clients alike, united against poaching.
We will continue to update these images with the hope that you might share them to help us increase the awareness and the plight of these truly incredible members of the big 5
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